Born to Lead Dog Training Articles

small brown puppy with white chest and tongue out

Bringing Home A New Puppy

This article is not a step by step guide to house training. This is a practical, natural approach to introducing a dog into your home the right way to maintain your rank. Many people have delusions of grandeur when bringing home a new puppy.

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brown dog in leash barking angrily

Aggression in Dogs

To understand canine dysfunctional aggression you need to understand factors in play when the dog was a puppy. Beginning at three weeks, when their eyes open, and lasting until fourteen weeks of age, puppies develop bonds and sensitivity to the people and animals in their life.

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large fluggy dog in a field of grass with a small brown dog sitting on it's back

The Dominance Quiz

Here is how you can tell if it’s you or your dog in charge of the household. Take the following quiz. If you flunk any one of the questions and you are sending a subtle message to your dog that it may be the one in charge. Flunk them all and you better change things quickly.

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two brown puppy sibling barking at eachother

Canine Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry, or fighting amongst dogs inside the same household, usually stems from either normal competitiveness amongst dogs of similar age, sex and development, or adolescent dominance struggles, or both. Fights among siblings can sometimes seem severe with blood drawn, etc.

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easing separation anxiety - dog training article

Easing Separation Anxiety

Many dogs will whine or bark for a few minutes when left alone, but if this behavior escalates to continuous vocalization, destructive behavior or out-of-character housebreaking accidents, then your dog has separation anxiety. Many owners believe their dog is “getting back at them” for being left alone. In actuality, chewing, digging and barking help the dog relieve stress.

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Small white dog and smaller brown dog barking at eaching

How to Live with a Dominant Dog

What is dominance? Because dogs live in packs, they need a way to avoid fighting over limited resources such as food, bones and mates. They establish a pecking order with the most dominant dog as the leader. If there is one bone and two dogs, the more dominant dog usually gets the bone. Each dog is born with a certain amount of dominance in his personality.

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house training dogs - dog training article

House Training Dogs

There are 2 methods to housetrain your dog, the crate method and the paper-training method. The crate method is preferred but requires constant supervision. The paper-training method is a bad idea and can lead to real difficulty down the road, after all, you’re training your dog to relieve herself in the house! This is only a good idea for a small percentage of pet owners depending on their circumstances.

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fearful black and white dog looking through chain fence

Helping Your Fearful Dog

Dogs can be fearful because of past trauma, lack of proper socialization during puppy hood, genetic predisposition or a combination of all these factors. Our natural instinct when our dogs are fearful is to soothe and comfort them. Unfortunately, this sends exactly the wrong message to our dogs. From their point of view, we are praising and rewarding them for being fearful.

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fear and aggression - dog training article

Fear and Aggression

By Dr. Nicolas Carter Let me preface this whole thing by stating flatly: fear aggression is THE single worst behavior problem to deal with in a dog. It is also THE single hardest behavior problem to “correct”. “Get thee to an expert” should be the response to almost all queries concerning fear aggression. That said, there is something to be learned in a generalized discussion concerning fear aggression.

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Running dog on dirt road


The biggest complaint we hear from people is “My dog doesn’t come when he is called.” Teaching your dog to respond to the “Come” command immediately and consistently is important not only for your dog’s safety, but also allows you to give your dog more freedom.

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Bloat - dog training article


If you’re a dog owner, it is imperative that you are familiar with a potentially deadly canine condition known as Bloat or GDV. Minutes count with dogs suffering from an attack of Bloat/GDV, and immediate veterinary intervention is imperative.

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toxic substances to dogs - dog training article

Toxic Substances to Dogs

There are many substances that are toxic to our canine friends. Some of these substances are obvious but others most people are not aware of.

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