Born to Lead Dog Training Client Testimonials

I couldn’t be more pleased with the service provided by Born to Lead Dog Training. For two years my family and I had been dealing with a very aggressive English Bulldog who had a very bad habit of biting family members. We searched everywhere for a solution and paid serious money for a dog trainer to come to our home and help. That dog trainer turned out to be pretty much worthless. Then we found Born to Lead Dog Training. Ryan had the answers we needed and helped save our dog. Ryan’s insight into pack behavior and his in-depth knowledge gained from decades of his experience provided the solution. Ryan came to our home and was very polite and professional. We applied the techniques he recommended and within a month we’d made huge progress getting our dog under control. I give Ryan my highest recommendation. He continues to follow up with us by phone to this day. I find it difficult to imagine a better dog trainer-teacher than Ryan Douglas.

Larry King, Lt Col, USAF

Ryan Douglas conducted socialization classes at Millbrook Exchange Dog Park. His class focused primarily on the owner’s communication with their dogs to improve their dog’s behavior both on and off-leash by concentrating on the owners ability to understand their dog’s body language. Ryan’s emphasis on calm leadership had an immediate impact on the owners and by the end of the class they had a better understanding of their dogs. His tips on dog park interactions included how to discern between good fun and heated exchanges and what to do when a fight breaks out. His training has done a lot to set attendees at ease about the park itself and dog behavior. If you are having problems with your dog and need training help, you and your dog will enjoy working with Ryan and it will be time well spent.

Nadeen Sakowski, Chairperson, Friends of Millbrook Dog Park

When we first met Ryan we had a 4 month old Pomeranian who was totally out of control. Ryan came to our house and trained us and helped us understand how dogs think and how they react to many different situations. If we had not had Ryan’s help and leadership we would not have the great relationship we now have with our dogs. Thanks to Ryan we now have three Pomeranians that are a total joy. If you need any guidance with your dog, you will find that Ryan has the answer. Ryan, thank you very much for all or your help and guidance.

Janet Bass, Raleigh NC

I called Ryan Douglas with Born to Lead Dog Training as I was having difficulty with my Doberman’s dominance issues. I quickly learned how to assert myself properly and become a respected leader. Now, my Doberman follows my every command. He no longer chews on objects, he stays off furniture, he eats when I choose to feed him, he eliminates on command and walks on the leash without pulling. He is a very socialized dog with adults and children as well as other dogs of all breeds. Thank you Ryan for everything!

Cathy Casey, Garner NC

When I first contacted Ryan I was a little unsure that he would be able to help us. I was almost to the point that I was ready to get rid of my dog. When Ryan arrived the day of our appointment I was absolutely shocked at how my dogs responded to him but I still wasn’t sure they would keep up the good behavior once he left. To my amaze, I have learned so much from Ryan. With a little practice on my part my dogs have done a complete turn around. I am so thankful I contacted him and now I can actually enjoy being around my dogs.

Heather & Joe Stiles, Raleigh NC

We have had other dog trainers in the past and Ryan Douglas is far and away the best. The techniques he’s taught us have been invaluable and have yielded immediate results as well as shown us how to make long-term lifestyle and household changes to improve our dogs’ behavior. If you are unhappy with your dog’s behavior or just want to learn ways to improve your relationship with your dog, Ryan is an investment that will pay huge dividends.

Amanda Ray, Raleigh NC

It had been over 14 years since we have had a puppy in our house. Ryan helped restore order to our lives through his incredible training methods.

M.B. Purdum, Wake Forest NC

We have two boxers who were very energetic and a bit ill-mannered. With patience and expertise, Ryan was able to teach us how to correct their behaviors. Most importantly though, he helped us to understand why the dogs were misbehaving, which was the first step in the rehabilitation. We are very pleased with Ryan’s services. Thanks!

Lindsay Baker, Apex NC

Ryan was extremely helpful to us as new puppy owners who had never had a dog before. The information and training he gave us has made such a difference!!!!!! We would highly recommend Born to Lead Dog Training.

Cheryl Farlow, Wake Forest NC

Ryan provided top-notch training tips for my wife and me. His level of expertise and courteousness enhanced my understanding and competency in working with my dog on her weaknesses as well as my own weaknesses as the pack leader. I strongly recommend Ryan’s services for both dog owner novices as well as those of you who consider yourselves fairly knowledgeable and competent. There’s always room to grow, and Ryan’s experience can help you do just that.

Garrett Groff, Raleigh NC

We called Born to Lead Dog Training after witnessing some alarming aggressive behavior and overall change in behavior in our dog. Ryan spent time discussing our concerns that same day and immediately made us feel confident that we could eliminate and control our dog’s behavior issues quickly. We are very pleased with Ryan’s training methods and have witnessed an impressive change in our dog’s behavior and attitude. We highly recommend Born to Lead to anyone who wants a well-mannered family pet!

Sean and Sarah, Cary NC

I was impressed with Ryan from our first telephone conversation. He was out of town, but took the time to listen to my needs and plan a response. In one visit, he gave us tremendous information and helped us understand how our rescued min pin had assumed leadership when we had not. He gave us specific instructions and, following them, we enjoyed significant improvement in just a few days. Our dog’s ballistic behavior at the door when someone came in or out has greatly improved, as has his response to strangers. At playtime, he brings the ball back and drops it versus playing keep away with it. His leash walking is ow so pleasant – no more pulling!! Also, his crazy barking at neighbors or anyone walking by has extremely diminished and all of this in truly a matter of days! Ryan was caring, professional, assured and assuring, and spent all the time we needed to understand the new rules that would lead to our desired outcomes for our dog and us. Thanks Ryan, for your PERFECT help!!

Myra J. Powell, Wilson NC

From door attacking Shih-Tzu to mild mannered pup. Wow, we are so pleased with the techniques and education that Born to Lead Trainer Ryan Douglas has given us. We thought that we were doing things right but what we discovered with Ryan’s help was that we really weren’t. Now that we have the tools and know the verbal commands, we have really been able to help our dog feel more confident and secure with himself and have been able to get a handle on the behavioral issues that were developing. We could not be more delighted with Rudy’s progress and would recommend Ryan to all pet owners. The techniques he has thought us apply not only to Rudy but to future family pets as well. Thanks Ryan.

Sherri Montague, Raleigh NC

I had no idea what I missing with our dog Barney. Ryan came over and within minutes had Barney behaving the way I always expected him to! We feel it was a worth while investment and the training has proved to me that all dogs can be well mannered and well behaved. We cannot express our gratitude for Ryan’s professionalism and guidance. He changed our family forever!

The Walsh Family, Raleigh NC

My dog Teddy was so unruly and did just about whatever he wanted. Ryan began to show me how to properly communicate with Teddy. Ryan was extremely patient and kind with Teddy. After a few lessons, Teddy now waits for me to go through doors first, he sits and stays when I tell him to. He listens to me and I don’t have to go nuts with him anymore. Thanks so much Ryan.

Allison Taylor, Garner NC

In the past, we have had dogs that were not always well behaved or quick to follow commands. With our new Golden Retriever, CJ, we wanted to put in the time to correctly train our puppy and ourselves. Ryan at “Born to Lead Dog Training” provided us with his expertise and showed us the proper techniques needed to have a well-adjusted, happy dog as part of our family. Ryan set clear goals at our weekly sessions and gave us the guidance and tools to continue training on our own during the week. Ryan is patient, supportive and willing to work around our schedules and provide training at our home. Ryan has also been very responsive when we have phoned him with questions. His hard work really paid off and we are grateful to have worked with Ryan.

The Lasater Family, Raleigh NC

With Max being our first puppy, Ryan really helped us to learn a lot about how dogs think and act. He helped us to teach our dog basic obedience with rapid success. Ryan offered solutions to our specific problems, making his private training well worth the time and effort! We’d be glad to welcome him back into our home again. Thanks, Ryan!

Vinny & Christine Novello, Fuquay Varina NC

My 4 year old rescue, Emma, is a great dog with a sweet, but wildly energetic disposition, that I had no control over. During Ryan’s initial consultation, I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Ryan has been a great help to both Emma and I. He was extremely patient with the both of us—me especially! He helped me understand that Emma needs leadership in order to feel secure and earning her respect as her leader was critical if Emma was going to be an obedient, well-behaved dog. Between the education I received and the training Emma received, we have made tremendous progress since our first session with Ryan. Thanks to Ryan, I now have the skills to work with Emma and Ryan is just a phone call away for more advice.

Samantha Burg, Raleigh NC

Ryan Douglas is a knowledgeable and caring dog behaviorist who generously volunteers his time and talent to help the dogs in our care. Ryan is courteous and dependable and has provided us with insightful evaluations of several dogs to help us ensure we place them in a home befitting of their temperament, breed type and activity needs. BFPA is fortunate to call Ryan a friend and fellow rescue advocate and we highly recommend his training services.

Andrea Galinski, Best Friend Pet Adoption, Dog Foster Coordinator, Board of Directors

Ryan at Born to Lead Dog Training  has been an invaluable consultant for my dog sitting company, “All Breed Care.” We occasionally encounter dogs with behavioral issues that can hamper our ability to provide our services. Ryan has been called in to several cases where he not only trained the dog and the owners, but also trained me and my staff to have a better understanding and command of canine behavior. His guidance and advice has had a tremendous impact on our ability to continue to provide excellent service to all of our clients. If you are having any behavioral issues at all with your dog, do not hesitate to call Ryan at Born to Lead to get things back on track.

Paul Hodjat, Owner, All Breed Care, Raleigh NC

We were very lucky in having Ryan for a trainer. Jake is a very big, stubborn dog, and not easy to control. If we ever encounter a problem these days, we always go back to the training and ask ourselves, “what would Ryan tell us to do?” By following his instructions, it has been the only way we can control our hyper, strong headed dog. Ryan’s guidance, instruction and teachings are invaluable to us and vital to our success with Jake. We strongly recommend him. He is Wake County’s “Dog Whisperer.”

Stanley & Maria Blanch, Apex NC

We were at our wits end before Ryan came to help us with Channing, my year old Pomchi. Channing would urinate on new people, bark incessantly at the door if someone knocked and was overall unmanageable. Ryan explained where we went wrong and everything made so much sense! Ryan was extremely nice and didn’t talk down to us. It has only been 1 week, but Channing is already a different pup! He hasn’t urinated since Ryan left our house and we learned a lot of techniques to help train our dog. I’ve recommended him to everyone I know! Thank you, Ryan!

Jamie Deaver, Raleigh NC

Working with Ryan and Born to Lead Dog Training has been one of the best things I could have done for my nine year old Springer, Molly. Molly has a lot of spunk and sometimes that spunk turned into aggression towards other dogs, begging for food at the table, walking me down the street and basically doing whatever she wanted. One day we were outside and a neighbor’s dog was coming down the stairs on a leash and Molly lunged. The neighbor pulled the dog backwards and it fell through the steps and was hanging by its collar and leash in mid air. I called Ryan as soon as I got back inside. He was able to come over to the house the following weekend. As soon as he stepped inside, I could tell he knew what he was doing. Later that same afternoon Molly and the next door neighbor’s dog were walking side by side. The following weekend Molly was standing outside the dog park and walking past other dogs without incident! Thanks to Ryan and the techniques he taught me, Molly walks by my side, listens to my commands, eats her own food and she even has new doggie friends. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone who is interested in dog training. He worked miracles for me.

Susan Saunders, Raleigh NC

We have nothing but great things to say about Born to Lead Dog Training. We were lucky to meet Ryan and his advice was right on for our dog’s behavior problems. Not only did we receive the right advice for the obvious problems we were having, but we gained a lot of insight to other dog behaviors that were happening that we didn’t realize could be making things worse. The one word to describe our house now with our dog is “peaceful”, which is in stark comparison to the old description of “chaotic”. The follow-up emails and calls have been so helpful and it is so nice to know that we always have someone to help us should other problems arise in the future. We would highly recommend these services to anyone having issues with their dog.

Tricia and John Lane, Raleigh NC

Needing help to get our two Scottie pups under control, we turned to Born to Lead Dog Training. We went though other programs that had little effect. Training at home under Ryan’s directions was the key. Highly recommended.

Marty Cohen, Raleigh NC

“Thanks to Ryan we have experienced a complete transformation in our dog and in ourselves. Zoey has become the well-behaved family dog we’ve wanted. This couldn’t have happened without Ryan’s intervention. In only two hours he explained to us how Zoey’s destructive and aggressive behavior was the direct result of a lack in leadership and communication on our part, and then he showed us how we could change all of that immediately. Our neighbors can’t believe she’s the same dog!”

Rev. Claudia A. Dickson, Raleigh NC

Crash is our 6-month-old puppy who was terrorizing our 2 boys, ages 5 and 7, by jumping and nipping at them. He would literally tear their clothes and sometimes break the skin as they were running away from him. We were sorry we had gotten a puppy. We scheduled an appointment for Ryan to come to our home to work with Crash and within 5 minutes, Crash had already learned not to jump up on people, and after just a few visits, we had a “new” puppy. He learned all the basic behaviors in just a short time. We were very appreciative of Ryan coming to our house to provide one-on-one training with us because we received his full attention and had minimal distractions. Our kids are no longer being jumped on and bitten and we are all truly enjoying him. Thank you Ryan, for your advice and great training methods. You made a huge difference in our family!

The Smith Family, Clayton NC

Ryan’s passion, devotion and professionalism for dog behavior and training is second to none. As a friend, colleague and former student of mine, I can say without hesitation that Ryan has all the skills and knowledge I would look for in a professional dog trainer.

Jerry Bradshaw, Owner/Head Trainer – Tarheel Canine, Inc.

Our two dogs were showing aggression towards each other, so we called Ryan to help. Within only two sessions, the dogs were sleeping together and playing together again. Simple obedience has also helped the dogs improve and walks are now fun and relaxing! Overall, Ryan taught us specific tactics to help us become the pack leaders, which improved the dog’s relationships with each other and our relationship with them as well.

TJ & Justine, Wake Forest NC

Ryan’s command of our dog Sampson was impressive. Sampson respected him immediately and was very responsive to his leadership and training methods. Becoming great pack leaders and being respected by our dog was a high priority during our training. Ryan’s advice was key in helping us work together and gain the leadership skills that made a big difference in how we function as a well-balanced family.

Vanessa Castellano and Jessica Staib, Raleigh NC

We have two labs and were in need of some help! When I called Ryan to discuss training, he was very knowledgeable and I knew he could really help us. It was great to be able to watch him work with our dogs in our own home and to see the proper way to train and interact with them. You can tell he really cares about the dogs. We have had great results and would highly recommend Ryan and Born to Lead!

Maria Ezell, Cary NC

I called Born to Lead Dog Training about my dominant Cocker Spaniel, Jazz. Jazz was in charge of everything and developed some food aggression and started growling at me whenever I corrected him. Jazz would also bark (quite aggressively) at anyone we would meet. Ryan came in and taught me how to correct this behavior with fantastic results. He also taught Jazz obedience skills that have helped us tremendously. I am no longer stressed about Jazz’s behavior!

Karen Oden, Raleigh NC

My wife and I have a Pitbull named Opie who is 2 years old. We moved here recently and decided to get him trained. We want people to see that it’s the training that matters and that the Pitbull breed, unfairly, has a bad reputation. Ryan was suggested to us and we were very happy with the results. Ryan puts in the time and effort we expected from an expert. He explains everything in a way in which you would understand. We agree with his training method that is to first educate the owners, then train the dog. We HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who needs a good trainer.

Bob and Beverly Anderson, Fuquay Varina NC

Working with Ryan was the best investment for us and our puppy. He hit it right off with our puppy and was great with her. She no longer has submissive urination problems. With a simple command she lies down, she doesn’t jump on us or friends anymore, and she will come to us when we tell her to. We no longer have to discipline her everyday and she’s a happier puppy and we have a much healthier relationship with her now. The training was worth every penny. It was even nicer that he did the training at our house working around our schedule.

Amy Bierman, Goldsboro NC

Adding a new person to the household with my two adult labrador retrievers, I knew it was time for a refresher course for me and training for the labs and my soon-to-be husband. I liked what I read about Ryan on his website and his references were very positive. What a difference in life for us with our two labs! We have the tools now to be leaders and walks with them are a real pleasure. They appreciate the consistency and it shows in their behavior. Thanks Ryan… You have saved a soon-to-be marriage!

Donna Fulenwider, Raleigh NC

We can not begin to thank you enough. Your methods have helped us so much and it’s valuable information that we can use for when we add another member to our family 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Cassie Kirkner, Clayton NC