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Born to Lead K9 Academy
Dog Training, Raleigh NC
Ryan Douglas, Head Trainer
Phone: 919.938.3353


Born to Lead K-9 Academy can assist you in all of your canine needs. Our clients require a wide selection of services and knowledge about all aspects of dog ownership. To meet these needs, we provide our customers with the following services, all of which are performed privately, in their home:

Breed and Puppy Selection Consulting

Before you bring home a new dog or puppy, be sure it fits your personality and lifestyle. Too many times, owners get hung up on a specific breed or puppy and bring it home without doing the proper research on the breed’s general requirements, background, temperament and energy levels. Let us help you select the right dog for your lifestyle.


House Training Your Puppy

This is usually a major source of frustration for new puppy owners. Let us take all the frustration out of this job for you. One session is all it takes to understand and implement a winning strategy to successfully housebreaking your new puppy.


Private Dog Training and Behavior Modification

90% of all behavior problems can be solved through these consultations. Whether your dog has mild or severe issues, we can help you turn things around immediately and put you and your dog in a position to control or eliminate the behavior altogether. These are private, one on one, training sessions for pet owners. We tailor these sessions to the specific issues you are having and target them in your dog's environment.


Basic Obedience Training and Owner Education Course

This course is for basic control of your dog in and around the house. Your dog will do the following: sit on one command, down on one command, come when called, place (extended down stay on thier designated bed), stay (in a sit or down position) until released, heel at your side during walks while sitting automatically when you halt, and no jumping up on furniture. We also teach your dog how to properly greet people without jumping up and how to go through doors and gates under control.


Advanced Obedience Training and Owner Education Course

This course consists of our Basic Obedience Training and Owner Education Course as well as total off leash control. This course takes a dog with no obedience training and offers complete freedom from the leash and results in absolute voice control over your dog. This is for clients who want that extra measure of control at the beach, hiking, dog parks, swimming, etc. without having to worry about lines and leashes.


Owner Education Course including Basic Dog Psychology and Behavior

This consultation is by far our most popular and beneficial. The information covered in this course is the absolute cornerstone to achieving a positive and well balanced relationship with your dog. This is a great option for owners that want to learn how to effectively understand and manage their dog without having to lose their patience. This short course consists of a 2 hour private consultation. The topics covered include basic dog psychology and behavior as well as practical training tips and leadership skills. It will teach you how to understand and communicate effectively with your dog and remove the stress of struggling to gain control. This is highly recommended for all dogs and owners of any age.


Popular Dog Behavior Issues We Can Eliminate
We offer private, in-home hourly consultations for many behavior problems and commands including:
House Soiling
Leash pulling on walks
Timid and fearful behaviors
Play biting
Jumping up on people and furniture
Excited and submissive urination
Wild and unruly behavior
Aggression and dominance issues
Running to the door when guests arrive
Separation anxiety
Begging for food
Excessive barking and/or whining
Socialization issues
Train the "Leave it" Command
Train to Heel Properly
Train the "Place" Command
Train the Sit/Down "Stay" Command
Train the "Come" Command
Train the Off leash/Distance Recall "Come" Command
Train Off leash Heeling
Professional Pet Sevices
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