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Born to Lead K9 Academy
Dog Training, Raleigh NC
Ryan Douglas, Head Trainer
Phone: 919.938.3353

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Born to Lead K9 Academy Dog Training Raleigh NC
Born to Lead K-9 Academy is a Raleigh NC based dog training company specializing in private, in-home obedience training and behavior modification. Our service area includes: Angier, Apex, Benson, Cary, Clayton, Fuquay Varina, Garner, Goldsboro, Holly Springs, Morrisville, Raleigh, and Smithfield North Carolina.

Dog Training, In Home Canine Training, Dog Training Services Areas - central North Carolina, Born to Lead K-9 Academy
Born to Lead K-9 Academy, a dog training company specializing in private, in home obedience training and behavior modification serves Angier, Apex, Benson, Cary, Clayton, Coats, Dunn, Four Oaks, Fuquay Varina, Garner, Goldsboro, Holly Springs, Knightdale, Lillington, Morrisvillem, Raleigh, Selam, Smithfield, Wilaon, Wndell, Zebulon, NC, North Carolina.

Born to Lead K-9 Academy Philosophy
The relationship we can develop with our dogs is one that can consist of love, trust, companionship and mutual respect. The bond we develop with our dogs is a special gift that cannot be found elsewhere. They make us happier and healthier. Dogs are ideal role models in that their love is forever and unconditional. There are four main and equally important aspects in achieving this relationship…

About Born to Lead K-9 Academy, a Leading Dog Training Academy in Raleigh NC
Ryan Douglas, owner and Head Trainer at Born to Lead K-9 Academy, is a certified master dog trainer and behavioe expert and a professional member of the IACP and a graduate of Tarheel Canine.

Dog Training Programs
At Born to Lead K-9 Academy, we offer hourly dog training as well as obedience training and owner education courses. Our clients require a wide selection of services and knowledge about all aspects of dog training. To meet these needs, we provide our customers with the following canine training services, all of which are performed privately, in their home.

Pet Resources Recommended by Born to Lead K-9 Academy
This page is continuously growing. If you are a member or owner of a rescue organization, please contact us to be added to our list. I would sincerely ask everyone to do what he or she can for these groups. They always need volunteers, donations, foster parents and they especially need you to adopt a rescued dog.

Frequently Asked Dog Training Questions
Why should I hire Born to Lead K-9 Academy? We aren't only dog trainers, we train people too. We train dogs to follow obedience commands and we educate owners how to understand and master the four main components required to restore balance to their family dog.

Contact Born To Lead K-9 Training Academy
For questions regarding our dog training services, please call us at 919-938-3353. If you prefer, please complete the following form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks again for your interest in Born to Lead K-9 Academy! Ryan Douglas, Head Trainer

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Born to Lead K-9 Academy Dog Training Media Center
Dog Training Testimonials, Dog Training Articles, Dog Training DVDs, Canine Sounds, Dog Training Movies

Born to Lead K-9 Academy Dog Training Testimonials
Our two dogs were showing aggression towards each other, so we called Ryan to help. Within only two sessions, the dogs were sleeping together and playing together again. Simple obedience has also helped the dogs improve and walks are now fun and relaxing! Overall, Ryan taught us specific tactics to help us become the pack leaders, which improved…

Dog Training Articles
The following dog training articles offer information that will help you decide whether your dog would benefit from private dog training sessions and offer valuable insight into obedience or training issues that may need to be addressed in your home.

Dog Training Articles

Why Group Dog Training Classes May Not Be Right For You
Many canine owners inquire about group obedience classes, however, classes are wrong for most dogs and owners. Group dog training classes are very popular and with good reason. They are affordable for most families and they seem like a practical solution to your dog training needs. However, this is usually not the case.

The Dominance Quiz
Here is how you can tell if it's you or your dog in charge of the household. Take the following quiz. If you flunk any one of the questions and you are sending a subtle message to your dog that it may be the one in charge. Flunk them all and you better change things quickly.

Sibling Rivalry (Fighting Amongst Dogs)
Sibling rivalry, or fighting amongst dogs inside the same household, usually stems from either normal competitiveness amongst dogs of similar age, sex and development, or adolescent dominance struggles, or both. Fights among siblings can sometimes seem severe with blood drawn, etc. However, when the animals are close in age and similar in temperament…

Easing Separation Anxiety
Many dogs will whine or bark for a few minutes when left alone, but if this behavior escalates to continuous vocalization, destructive behavior or out-of-character housebreaking accidents, then your dog has separation anxiety. Many owners believe their dog is “getting back at them” for being left alone. In actuality, chewing, digging and barking help the dog relieve stress…

How to Live With a Dominant Dog
What is dominance? Because dogs live in packs, they need a way to avoid fighting over limited resources such as food, bones and mates. They establish a pecking order with the most dominant dog as the leader. If there is one bone and two dogs, the more dominant dog usually gets the bone. Each dog is born with a certain amount of dominance in his personality.

House Training Your Dog
There are 2 methods to housetrain your dog, the crate method and the paper-training method. The crate method is preferred but requires constant supervision. The paper-training method is a bad idea and can lead to real difficulty down the road, after all, you’re training your dog to relieve herself in the house! This is only a good idea for a small percentage of pet owners depending on their circumstances.

Helping your Fearful Dog
Dogs can be fearful because of past trauma, lack of proper socialization during puppy hood, genetic predisposition or a combination of all these factors. Our natural instinct when our dogs are fearful is to soothe and comfort them. Unfortunately, this sends exactly the wrong message to our dogs. From their point of view, we are praising and rewarding them for being fearful. Obedience training can help your dog gain confidence.

Fear Aggression By Dr. Nicolas Carter
Let me preface this whole thing by stating flatly: fear aggression is THE single worst behavior problem to deal with in a dog. It is also THE single hardest behavior problem to "correct". "Get thee to an expert" should be the response to almost all queries concerning fear aggression. That said, there is something to be learned in a generalized discussion concerning fear aggression.

The biggest complaint we hear from people is “My dog doesn’t come when he is called.” Teaching your dog to respond to the “Come” command immediately and consistently is important not only for your dog’s safety, but also allows you to give your dog more freedom.
The mistake we make: People often inadvertently train their dog to NOT come when called.

If you’re a dog owner, it is imperative that you are familiar with a potentially deadly canine condition known as Bloat or GDV. Minutes count with dogs suffering from an attack of Bloat/GDV, and immediate veterinary intervention is imperative.
Bloat is a top killer of dogs. Bloat can affect any dog of any size, though it is most common in…

Substances Toxic to Dogs
There are many substances that are toxic to our canine friends. Some of these substances are obvious but others most people are not aware of…

Dog Training DVDs
Check back often as we prepare to launch our new Training DVDs. Topics covered will include Basic Dog Obedience, Leadership Skills, Canine Body Language and many more! We hope to have these DVDs ready for sale sometime this summer.

Dog Training Sounds
Check back often as we prepare to offer handy sound clips to help desensitize your dog to thunderstorms, door bells, babies crying and many more!

Dog Training Movies
Check back often as we introduce our dog training movie page. You will be able to see the dogs we train in action! From beginning to end, watch these dogs transform into well behaved pets as we work with them.

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