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Born to Lead K9 Academy
Dog Training, Raleigh NC
Ryan Douglas, Head Trainer
Phone: 919.938.3353

Born to Lead K-9 Academy Philosophy dog

The relationship we develop with our dogs should consist of love, trust and mutual respect. Dogs make us happier and healthier and are ideal role models because their love is unconditional.

My training reinforces trust and positive communication with a clear understanding of expectations. I firmly believe that dog training works best when the owner is educated first. This is what in-board training kennels miss. If your dog does not respect you, or you cannot control your dog's excitement, fear or dominance, then no amount of command training will be beneficial.

At Born to Lead K-9 Academy, we understand that no two dogs are alike. All dogs are different and require their own individual training approach. Due to the variety in dog temperaments, we strongly believe that private, in-home training programs are the very best way to train dogs effectively to get long lasting results.

The thing that I have found with dogs, no matter the breed, age or current behaviors, is that if we focus on the small things daily then most of the big things do not manifest. What you are then left with is a calm and well-mannered dog. When I say I am a dog trainer, it's really the owners I am training and it works with superior results. Bad behavior is just the manifestation of losing focus on the basics. If we focus on the daily rituals, unwanted behaviors go away.

Training is constant! Every situation in and out of your house, every time you go in the car and every time you go to the dog park you need to be acting as your dog’s guide. Chances are your dog already knows what sit, down, stay, and come means, but they don’t even pay attention to you most of the time. Dogs that are lunging at the end of their leashes or barking at other dogs and not listening to their owners must be trained properly. You are responsible for training your dog and I can teach you how. The best part? It's FUN!

Teaching a dog commands is not the same as having a well behaved dog! A good owner acts to guide the dog to behave correctly in our human world. Many people believe that if their dog knows obedience commands then it is properly trained and prepared to handle whatever situations you find yourselves in. This is not true. Conversely, if you tell me your dog is not trained, I will probably tell you that the dog is trained. It is trained to not listen to you and to behave poorly because you have never offered a better outcome for your dog.

I can show you how to make your dog happy to work with you and follow your lead because you are the trustworthy pack leader. It is very important for a dog to know their place in the family. When we show proper guidance and leadership, your dog can enjoy life and be stress free. Your leadership will earn your dog’s love, trust and respect. On the flip side, if you do not communicate clearly, fairly and consistently, your dog will make his own rules.

You can apply my techniques to any dog with amazing success. My formula has produced successful results for thousands of dog owners. I will educate you and put you in position to master your dog's behavior with ease and your dog will gain confidence and purpose. You will have the dog you always wanted.

"Thanks to Ryan we have experienced a complete transformation in our dog and in ourselves. Zoey has become the well-behaved family dog we've wanted. This couldn't have happened without Ryan's intervention. In only two hours he explained to us how Zoey's destructive and aggressive behavior was the direct result of a lack in leadership and communication on our part, and then he showed us how we could change all of that immediately. Our neighbors can't believe she's the same dog!"
- Rev. Claudia A. Dickson, Raleigh, NC

We serve the entire Raleigh NC area. Our service area includes: Angier, Apex, Benson, Cary, Clayton, Dunn, Four Oaks, Fuquay Varina, Garner, Goldsboro, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Smithfield and Wake Forest North Carolina.

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