Bloat - dog training article


If you’re a dog owner, it is imperative that you are familiar with a potentially deadly canine condition known as Bloat or GDV. Minutes count with dogs suffering from an attack of Bloat/GDV, and immediate veterinary intervention is imperative.

Come! - dog training article


The biggest complaint we hear from people is “My dog doesn’t come when he is called.” Teaching your dog to respond to the “Come” command immediately and consistently is important not only for your dog’s safety, but also allows you to give your dog more freedom.

fear and aggression - dog training article

Fear and Aggression

By Dr. Nicolas Carter
Let me preface this whole thing by stating flatly: fear aggression is THE single worst behavior problem to deal with in a dog. It is also THE single hardest behavior problem to “correct”. “Get thee to an expert” should be the response to almost all queries concerning fear aggression. That said, there is something to be learned in a generalized discussion concerning fear aggression.

helping your fearful dog - dog training article

Helping Your Fearful Dog

Dogs can be fearful because of past trauma, lack of proper socialization during puppy hood, genetic predisposition or a combination of all these factors. Our natural instinct when our dogs are fearful is to soothe and comfort them. Unfortunately, this sends exactly the wrong message to our dogs. From their point of view, we are praising and rewarding them for being fearful.